Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The best web hosting

I get this question a lot: "what is a good web hosting?"
I will update this post with my thoughts in the future.

I use now HostRush:
I'm their client for about one year and everything works: php, mysql, https, wordpress, blogger (redirect), htaccess, ftp, email, cpanel, customer support is fast and helpful. I think this is the fastest shared host I've had so far. You can head over to my main website to check it yourself: I get 10 seconds for a page with 17 medium size photos.

Shared hosting is ok for any small / medium websites. The shared hosting from HostRush is fast, it almost feels like a VPS (virtual private server - a step up from shared hosting). I haven't used vps from them but I'm confident is pretty good. I had a big website many years ago (50GB) and used without any issues vps from

I'm using various web hosting services for more than 10 years, so I have a bit of experience. In general I avoid offers with "unlimited" disk space because everything has a limit and I want to be able to monitor my usage. I'm not going to name the providers that disappointed me over the years, but I will mention some of the problems I had:
  • too slow;
  • usage counter working 10x faster than it should. When this happened they reset it but the problem persisted so I preferred to switch instead of  chatting with the support twice a month;
  • htaccess not accessible or only visible on web, not on ftp;
  • they closed doors. However they honored the contract period and announced this 6-12 months in advance;
  • frequent website down (weekly).
That's it. You are welcome :)

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