Friday, April 12, 2019

The Top 10 Most Popular T-Shirts of 2018

Let's just start the list. The items are in no particular order because I write this as I compile the data and the t-shirts are sold on multiple websites. The top covers 2018 - April 2019.

Vintage atom T-Shirt

The first on the list is a science inspired product. Who knew people love physics so much? There you go, one of the most popular items is the atom drawing.

Mona Lisa T-Shirt

Well, what did you expect? It's Mona Lisa so of course it's popular.
This is not the original from Leonardo da Vinci. I've played a bit with the original to make the colors more natural and the frame makes it more suitable for clothing.

Who knows how the original Mona Lisa colors were hundreds of years ago? Maybe my version is closer to the original!

I,Robot T-Shirt

There are light bulbs on the letters, not sure it's visible on the small image. I was inspired by Asimov of course but I wanted to touch a bit the steampunk style. That's why the 3D letters have some electricity.

Vintage mathematical equations T-Shirt

Back to science with this math design. There is one more version here with white text.

I guess nerds and geeks love this because they love mathematics. I'm not sure if there is a difference between geek and nerd. For me the geek is more serious compared to the nerd who is more chill about his stuff.

Just ride living the dream T-Shirt

This biker t-shirt is one of my favorites so I'm glad it became somehow popular. It seems like parents buy this also for kids. Maybe the kids also get a bicycle or a small motorcycle!

One more version of this design is here, a bit more vintage and red.

Coder T-Shirt

Guess who is buying this? Programmers for sure. Or maybe they receive it as a gift. It's simple and elegant so why not? It's perfect for every day use.

Friend of the sea T-Shirt

The streetwear t-shirt became popular out of the blue. One week wasn't and next week boom first place. Looks quite cool and seems to fit for any casual activity.

Flowers T-Shirt

Honestly I thought the t-shirts printed with paintings will be the biggest hit. They weren't! Sure they are doing well but not as expected.

This painting with flowers is I believe the definition of artsy style and works great for casual wear.

Black cat T-Shirt

Animal lovers buy this. The black cat is staring at you and is really cute. Are cats the most loved animals? It seems so, at least in my stores. Will see what happens in the next top.

Forest at sunset T-Shirt

Mountains, traveling, camping maybe - what can be more beautiful? Probably just a few things. I love nature and it seems there are many nature lovers in the world.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The best web hosting

I get this question a lot: "what is a good web hosting?"
I will update this post with my thoughts in the future.

I use now HostRush:
I'm their client for about one year and everything works: php, mysql, https, wordpress, blogger (redirect), htaccess, ftp, email, cpanel, customer support is fast and helpful. I think this is the fastest shared host I've had so far. You can head over to my main website to check it yourself: I get 10 seconds for a page with 17 medium size photos.

Shared hosting is ok for any small / medium websites. The shared hosting from HostRush is fast, it almost feels like a VPS (virtual private server - a step up from shared hosting). I haven't used vps from them but I'm confident is pretty good. I had a big website many years ago (50GB) and used without any issues vps from

I'm using various web hosting services for more than 10 years, so I have a bit of experience. In general I avoid offers with "unlimited" disk space because everything has a limit and I want to be able to monitor my usage. I'm not going to name the providers that disappointed me over the years, but I will mention some of the problems I had:
  • too slow;
  • usage counter working 10x faster than it should. When this happened they reset it but the problem persisted so I preferred to switch instead of  chatting with the support twice a month;
  • htaccess not accessible or only visible on web, not on ftp;
  • they closed doors. However they honored the contract period and announced this 6-12 months in advance;
  • frequent website down (weekly).
That's it. You are welcome :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

These girls know how to play

When I've found this video the first thought was about the comedians who need to be cheesy to make people laugh. This video is the absolute proof that you can be funny without being cheesy :)

The songs played are:
  • Vivaldi-Summer
  • Vivaldi-Storm
  • Mozart - The Piano Sonata No 16 in C major
  • Mack the knife

 Enjoy the video!